Crime, Kindle Unlimited, Novella

A Partner in Crime by Tony McManus

Karen’s Magic Review

I had forgotten how good short stories are. They really aren’t given enough credit. Partners in Crime is just 20 pages long. A neat short-to-the-point read. When done well like this one, it’s very satisfying.

I was always taught to write about what you know, and I know the author lives in Thailand. Never having been, I enjoyed walking in his steps and, like the main character, experiencing somewhere new. All this, along with a great story line added to the entertainment.

It’s the second book I’ve read from Tony McManus and feel at some point I should read one of his fuller works. I know I will enjoy it.

Tony McManus is a good storyteller, although I guessed how this would end, it was satisfying to reach it. To have done otherwise would have annoyed the reader.

I closed the book having been thoroughly regaled.


A powerful story of abandonment, rejection and betrayal. But also a story of fulfillment, enduring love, an unquenchable friendship and a paradise found.

30 pages long

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