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A Full Heart

A short story to warm your heart. I came across this and thought it perfect for my site.

dancing leaves

A short story based on the image shown
from a prompt from Writers Unite! – September 2021

A Full Heart

A short story by Lynn Miclea

Ana felt his large hand squeeze hers, and she looked up into Devon’s warm, hazel eyes and smiled. “Where are we going?”

“Somewhere very special,” he answered, as his eyes sparkled and a mysterious smile spread across his face.

A delicious warmth spread through her as they strolled down various streets. She felt completely at home with Devon and loved him with every fiber of her being. It didn’t matter where they went, she felt happy just being with him.

After walking hand in hand for twenty minutes, Ana perked up as they turned down a street with run-down but brightly colored shacks along one side. “I remember this place. There used to be carnival rides in that field across the street and an…

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