Ding Dong! Avon Calling!

Do you remember that?

When I was in my teens, we had a local Avon lady. She was a gossip, and she would keep me informed on what was going on in the area. She told me about a girl my age, who lived in the next road and pregnant, like me.

Diane then invited me and the other young mum to the local mother and baby group. We became friends and our children grew up together. Diane continued to deliver our Avon for many years, and in the days before social media I could get to know what was happening in my area.

When we moved in 1988, Kay knocked on my door and introduced herself as my new Avon lady. She told me the gossip, too. She and and her husband were ballroom dancers, and my resounding image was of her tottering down the road in her high heels and a brown wicker basket full of Avon orders on her arm.

Over the years, I’ve come across representives, and bought products from them, but never found anyone reliable who was always there.

These days it’s different for both gossip and Avon as both are online. Last month, I became an Avon lady. I’ve always loved their goods and unlike so many other places, they are inexpensive.

I now have both local and online customers. Some have gushed their excitement at seeing Avon again, and I know what they mean. I get to see all the lovely products as I pack orders. That’s very exciting too.

Meanwhile, do tell me your Avon lady stories. Do you also have memories that bring a smile to your face?

There are lots of gorgeous items and a catalogue special, and one just for men. There is also free delivery for orders over £20. Once I started skimming the pages my free delivery arrived within a few days.

Meanwhile, I have a Facebook group, where you can see what’s coming, get freebies, enter raffles and play a few games just for fun..

For today only (20th September) Avon is offering this discount. It’s only available online and to UK customers.

2 thoughts on “Ding Dong! Avon Calling!”

  1. When I was young my mother was talking to the Avon Lady in the living room and I wondered what this stranger was doing in our house. The lady then said to Mum ‘and this is the toilet water….’ I promptly piped up ‘Is that what you pour down the toilet?’

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