A Summer House and A Bee

Magic of Stories is about stories of all kinds, they are around us every day in everything we do. So I’m sharing with you some stories of my own that are not book related.

I went to a friend’s house recently and she had some beautiful pictures on the wall. On closer inspection they were cross stitch. I still have several projects, finished and never framed. So this month I’m framing this summerhouse. The original pattern, I’m pretty sure came from a free insert with The World of Cross Stitch magazine.

Which reminds me, I was looking online several months ago to buy a subscription. I then started looking for the best price. Eventually, I found one that was pretty reasonable and bought it. I was pleased because the magazine would now land on my door mat every month without me having to scour the shops for it.

However, it didn’t arrive. These things usually take time to set up, so I wasn’t concerned. Then I received an email notification telling me my digital copy was now available to view.

So yes, on looking for the best price I accidentally bought a digital subscription by mistake. In one way it is quite good because I can enlarge a chart whilst I stitch, and my back copies are always to hand. But, I don’t receive the free gift, which is probably the most exciting part.

On seeing my friend’s gorgeous pictures, I realised I wanted a project as I’d not done one for a long while, well probably since the summerhouse above, actually.

Perusing the shelf in the local supermarket I came across CrossStitcher. A rather fuddy-duddy magazine that I had always found old fashioned. As most of the other cross stitching magazines have closed down, and I had my subscription. I took a look at this one. The first thing I noticed was that it’d had a massive revamp. It was now colourful, great charts and easy to read. So I bought it. I loved it, and went back the following month. Inside was this bee. Just what I was looking for. Pretty isn’t it?

Next month I will share my progress.

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