Fantasy, Thriller

Deadly Deception by JP McLean

269 pages, thriller, fantasy, 5th book in The Gift Legacy Series

Karen’s Magic Review

Impossibly, the author manages to ramp up the storyline once more. This book is a real page turner in every sense of the word. I absolutely loved it!

Strangely, I struggled with the first page as it didn’t quite make sense. An acronym was used that I didn’t understand, and the first couple of paragraphs I had to read again. But that didn’t really matter and I was soon straight into the storyline.

As an update to that and having read the next book where it appears again, I now know what it is, and seems obvious but at the time floored me. B&E is not something I have come across but it simply means breaking and entering. I don’t know why I didn’t make the connection, but didn’t.

I did have another problem with the story and that is so many scenes were written on a knife edge for the reader as well as Emelyn. it was impossible to find a place to put it down. Chapters didn’t help, you know how you just have to finish the chapter? Each one made you want to just continue reading all the time.

Emlynn’s mother comes back into the story and she does not know anything about her daughter being able to fly let alone being a Ghost. As they are living together in Emlynn’s beautiful penthouse, the lies and secrets keep mounting up until it is impossible to keep them. Emlynn is put into a very difficult situation as her mother more than suspects something is going on that she is not privy to.

James is not in this book much as he goes missing, and then there is the relationship between Stuart and Mason, who are part of the once hated Tribunal Noverm, become more like family members.

There are some great characters whom you know you like even before Emlynn has come to her decision about them.

There is not much more to say except I love, love, love this series. I am almost sad to pick up the next one at it is the last one of six.


A daring abduction. A sinister plot. A family on the edge of ruin.

A newborn is missing, and security camera footage implicates a kidnapper who shares Emelynn Taylor’s gift of flight. With the baby’s life in danger, Emelynn races against the clock to find the child. But lies litter her path and deception blocks her at every turn.

When Emelynn’s lover is the next to disappear, she suspects the kidnappings aren’t what they seem. In her desperate search, she uncovers a high-stakes conspiracy that jeopardizes the freedom of every Flier.

Emelynn and her handler must defy orders to track down this new enemy in time to stop their treacherous scheme.

And closer to home, a deeper deception threatens. Will Emelynn’s family survive the biggest lie of all? One that Emelynn has spent her whole life perfecting?

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