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About a Book – Ghost of an Enchantment by J E McDonald

Introducing J E McDonald


Where did the idea for the story come from?

This is the second book in my series, the Wickwood Chronicles. Stella and Lucas both appear briefly in the first book in the series, Ghost of a Gamble. It felt like the next natural step to share their story with the world.

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. 

“If the day got any weirder, he’d need a vacation. Not that Lucas hadn’t had weird days before. Wickwood seemed plagued with them most of the time, but today placed in the top three.”

Give a short summary of what the book is about.

Stella is witch and an energy reader. When her best friend accidentally opens a portal to another dimension, Stella is thrown in the path of the police officer sent to investigate the phenomenon. Sparks fly between the couple, strange things begin to happen, and the reader is taken on journey into the paranormal full of mystery.

Summarise your book in ten words.

It’s a witchy read filled with steam, humour, and mystery.

What genre is it?

Paranormal romance infused with humour.

How many pages is it?


Why do you think the readers will want to read it?

Because it’s funny, sexy, and keeps you guessing until the end.

Where are you located? 

Saskatchewan, Canada


Something extraordinary hides beneath Wickwood’s picturesque façade… and this time it’s not staying buried.

Stella Campfield might be having a string of bad luck, but she has her witch’s intuition telling her it will turn around. That is until her best friend accidentally opens a portal to another dimension!

When the police arrive, she’s dismayed to learn the officer she’s been obsessing over is on the case. As an energy reader, she’s drawn to him like no other, but she can’t explain why.

And that changes everything.

When Lucas Martinez ends up on the alluring lady’s doorstep because of a noise disturbance call, he is unexpectedly pulled into the world of the paranormal.

Burn marks on the floor and floating books? Nothing is as it seems.

As his attraction for the secretive witch grows, and as he digs into the mysteries surrounding her, he’s even more convinced Stella is at the center of it all.

Can the unlikely pair learn to trust each other or will the sinister forces surrounding them tear their burning romance—and the world—apart?


Stella wouldn’t have been able to stop her feet if she’d tried. With her new necklace propelling her forward, she followed the energy wake right to the end of the bar.

She stopped behind the man on the left. The energy came off him so thick it was almost visible. Broad shoulders narrowed into trim hips. He must work out on a regular basis if the muscles in his arms were any indication. His short dark hair migrated into a line of scruff along his jawline, highlighting the strong ridge of his chin. Dense vibrations came off him, washing over her in waves, making it hard to breathe.

Why? She stepped closer, their bodies almost touching, the heat of him complimenting his vibrations. What was it about him that made his energy so potent? She closed her eyes and inhaled. A citrusy spice filled her head. Was it his laundry detergent? Cologne? How could her body be on fire after three seconds of standing next to him?

“What are you doing?”

Her eyes flew open. “What?” she asked, blinking over and over again to clear her head.

He’d turned his body toward her, his brows lowered over copper eyes. “Are you smelling me?”

If she’d thought his energy potent from behind, it was nothing compared to the full force of his gaze. Sun-kissed skin and high cheek bones framed his perceptive gaze, while his rough stubble gave him a slightly rugged appearance. His dark green button up shirt was rolled up past his elbows, revealing corded forearms that made her mouth water.

The middle-aged guy beside him peeked around his shoulder, one eyebrow raised.

She realized then she should probably say something. “Um…” She turned to Cole, who stared at her with his head tipped to the side.

“A lager and a cola, please,” she blurted.

Cole straightened, nodded, and got to work fixing her drinks. Stella let out a breath, hoping that was the end of the awkwardness created solely by her not thinking through a random trip to the bar.

“So, were you smelling me?”

And her hopes were dashed.

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