About a Book – Passages, Death, Dementia and Everything in Between, by H M Gooden

Introducing H M Gooden


Where did the idea for the story come from?

I have been writing daily since about 2015 as a way to process all the ups and downs in life. Between raising 3 kids under 4, a full time family medicine practice, and feeling as if my thirties were slipping away without doing any of the things I’d dreamed of, I began to write a daily blog. That morphed into frequently writing poetry and reflections, and this book is born of the first year of entries.

Give a quote from the books, one that says little but speaks volumes. 

The antechamber to my soul,
Stripped bare of personality
Calm in the silence
I wait in the wings
On my journey to becoming

Summarise your book in ten words.

Life, love, loss, poetry, reflections, nostalgia, hope, dementia, soul, spirituality

Give a short summary of what the book is about.

Passages through life is a collection of essays and poetry on dementia, life and all the transitions in between focusing on themes of impermanence, dementia and death and life after death.

What genre is it?

This is a nonfiction, poetry and short non-fiction, medical memoir book.

How many pages is it?

160 pages

Why do you think the readers will want to read it?

I think people will want to read it because it can speak to anyone, regardless of age, about all of the short and long journeys we take in life. Even though the paths we walk are unique, we all have challenges along the road that make our travels beautiful, painful, and amazing.

Where are you located? 

I am located in Manitoba, Canada.


Life is full of surprises;

full of laughter, love, and losses.

This collection explores the transitions between highs and lows through poetry and prose

May you find the words on these pages as much a balm to guide you through rocky seas as they have been for me.


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