Erotica, Romance

Confined Space by E M Shue

181 pages, romance, erotica, kindle unlimited.

Karen’s Magic Review

This book came to me via an emailed newsletter. It is where I find a lot of interesting books. I loved the cover, and the description sold me straight away. Immediately, I followed what I thought was the link to it. Instead, it took me to other books and on looking around, I couldn’t locate this one.

What the newsletter didn’t seem to say was that is was a ‘coming soon’ ebook. So I moved on, but didn’t forget about it.

A hunky fireman looks into the eyes of a young girl and something clicks between them. He’s doing his job, and so can’t acknowledge the attraction. She is too frightened to think about it either. All she is focused on is how this man was going to get her out of the car wreck.

I’m a romantic, I wanted to feel their love, be wooed by them, enjoy the gentle touches, caresses, and words of endearment. And, because I am nosey, wanted to follow them into the bedroom. What??

Now I have to add that there is a caveat to that statement and I will come on to it in a moment.

When E M Shue’s newsletter arrived the following month, there was the book, not only published but in Kindle Unlimited as well. What could be better? Well, a lot actually.

As I opened the first page, the prologue was an instant ‘grab the reader by the throat” moment. Our poor heroine was buried alive! Her panic, and the terrifying ordeal, immediately became mine. How did she get in there? Or rather, who put her there? Does she get out? Will she be rescued by the hunky guy on the front of the book? Of course she will. That’s the story, and we are off to a great start.

The tale was told in sections; Rowdy’s point of view, and Coral’s. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of this style. It’s takes the mystery out of what the other person is thinking. It removes some of the romance because I don’t want to know how unsure and vulnerable he is. I want to think of him as big and strong, confident, and sure of himself, although revealing his true feelings to her later is acceptable. It can be from either point of view, as long as the mystery of the other person is part of it.

The plot was good, the characters fully formed and rounded, and the author is a good writer. We were taken into the bedroom and ‘treated’ to every single wet detail. Yes, I said wet. That way you will know just what I mean.

I acknowledge that this type of fiction is very popular, it sells well, and readers love them. Authors can get a big following as a result, so who wouldn’t want to write it for big sales?

E M Shue has a Facebook group, where she teases her fans and there are lots of photos of hunky men. There is nothing wrong with that. I like a bit of eye candy. Her fans love it, and its a great place for interaction.

But, and this is my gripe. I wanted romances. I wanted to be lulled, courted, and caressed. I wanted to watch as he traced a path with his finger down the contours of her neck. I wanted to go with them as he led her to the bedroom where they make gentle love as he takes her to the moon and back.
What I got was a man who thought he owned her by repeating how she was now his. How he made the decisions because he knew what was good for her. At one point he became annoyed and it crossed his mind to put her over his knee and spank her. What??

This seemed like a throw back to thirty years ago where women were the underdogs and treated like pets to serve men.

Plus, the bedroom scenes. Must they be so crude and graphic? We are writers after all, we should be able to find words that describe the act of love making without being so coarse.

There are books for everyone out there, every genre, every type. So why can’t I find an adult book that uses romance in the true sense of the word?

I am not a prude, or a feminist and I don’t even mind a bit of erotica now and again. I want something racier than sweet romances. I am sure I am not alone in wanting that.


E.M. Shue’s Confined Space is a gut-wrenching emotional journey and romantic suspense written in K. Bromberg’s Everyday Heroes World.

At the end of her rope, Coral Pierce decides to move on to a new town and start over. Sunnyville isn’t what she was expecting when she and her newborn son are involved in a serious accident. She soon finds herself entrapped within not only the car but the eyes of the firefighter helping her. But with her past issues she should just stick to talking to him, not thinking about what he looks like under his bunker gear.
Tall, muscular, and independent Rowdy Murphy isn’t into relationships, but he can’t believe the beautiful eyes that are staring back at him from the shattered windshield of the wrecked car. He’s ready to finally give love a chance, making Coral and her son his newest responsibility. He’ll give them the world if she’ll let him. But first, she has to escape her past.

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