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Many little girls are enchanted by unicorns, especially the pink ones with long manes and tails. They seem to have grown in popularity these last few years. Often depicted as a magical creatures, they were first chronicled in Greek literature and have found their way into many stories.

Fairy tales are where we often expect to find a unicorn and I came across this charming story written by eleven-year-old. It is called The Unicorn and his Friends, and you can find it here.

Mary K Smith brought us The Lost Unicorn about a pink one called Kaia aimed at children up to ten-years old.

Another one for three to eight year olds is How the Unicorn was Born by Charlotte Daniels. This is the story of Foal who has big dreams and had hopes of one day to fly.

I grew up loving horses, and when I think about it I don’t remember seeing anything about unicorns until they appeared in the cartoons my children watched. I can see the appeal for these magical creatures. But, what happens when you grow up and still have a secret love for them? On researching, it surprised me to find very few adult stories. I would have thought it the type of thing to catch the imagination of writers, who perhaps were those children. You can find many dark tales of witches, vampires, and werewolves. So why not unicorns? If you know of any, please add the links in the comments below.

Luckily Norns Triad Publications author Sahara Foley has written adult story.

Unicorns aren’t real. Everyone knows that.

Mike doesn’t believe in them either. Why should he?

Then, one day, a mysterious woman appears, riding on the back of a cat and declaring she’s the Keeper of the Unicorns.

What Unicorns?

As if that wasn’t looney enough, the cranky lady instructs Mike to tell her story to the world.

Baffled, the young man refuses. He’s not crazy, after all – or is he?

Suddenly finding himself stuck in the worst nightmare imaginable, Mike is left wondering whether he’s even awake.

How will he get out of this mess?

Fans of Stephen King or Dean Koontz will enjoy this humorous dark fantasy short story.

26 pages long, this is prices at just 79p in the UK or 99c in the US. It


Another short story I found was this one.

The Unicorn Keeper is Book 1 of The Fallen Unicorn series.

In a land far away, a small town finds that they may be under attack unless they ask for the Queen’s protection.

When the oldest member of the town Sagrot, says that a 16-year-old girl named Kerri is the only one who can save them, he says it is because she is “the Unicorn’s Keeper.”

Kerri and her unicorn are to make the journey alone to the Queen’s realm, but along the way she befriends a spotted owl, a huntsman, and his beautiful vampire son, Coulden.

Kerri must ask the Queen for a favor, but the Queen will not reveal what she wants in return until after the deal is made. What will the Queen ask for?

This is just 17 pages long and £2.73 to buy in the UK or $2.79 in the US. It is available to read for free with Kindle Unlimited.

Available as a paperback, audiobook, CD and Hardcover.

Amazon UK Amazon US

Only available as a paperback.

Amazon UK Amazon US

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