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News Update

As well as being a blogger, I am also an author. Sometimes that fact gets lost amongst the blog posts.

So this is the first of a regular update on what I’m working on, and where I’ll share snippets and exclusives.

Last year, I left Crimson Cloak Publishing and joined Norns Triad Publications. All my books will be published under the latter. Five of them were with the former and I have to wait ninety days before they are released back to me.

Meanwhile, everything will be rewritten, re-edited, have new formatting and some will have new covers, and other new names. It is a big job that will probably take all year to complete but the stories will be better than ever before.

I originally wrote a short story featuring a character called Cassie Newbold. This became five stories which I put into a book and named it The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold. From that, I broke out a story called The Slap, which is currently free to download, and rewrote The Adventures as one story. I followed it up with the longest of the novellas, The Ghost on the Stairs.

Now these books have gone through a complete transformation and will be published by Norns Triad Publications. These beautiful covers were designed by the talented J. M. Northup, the CEO of Norns.

Toxic is my dystopian novella, I wrote with another author, Karina Kantas. We loved the story so much that we decided that it will eventually become a trilogy. The second book is being written between my other projects.

Karina and I decided to produce two books and one story. You can find out why on the Electric Eclectic blog.

Finally, I have just read Stephanie Meyers, Twilight book again. I think it must be the third time, but the second was so long ago that I have forgotten the full storyline. I wrote a blog piece on why I ended up with that and you can read it here.

I do love to blog, and readers who subscribe will know that, so that’s why it’s easy to forget that I am an author too. I also blog regularly on the Norns Triad Publications site. These blogs go into our twice monthly newsletter.

Talking of which, I must blow the trumpet of it. If you love reading you will love this, as we are four authors who have a plethora of wonderful, imaginative, books between us. It is an honour to be working with them. At the moment we are giving away Sahara Foley’s Keeper of the Unicorn : A Dark Fantasy Short Story just for signing up to receive the newsletter. If you would like a copy, just click on the book cover below and it will take you straight to a place where you can download it.

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