Pencil Drawings

Since January, I have been teaching myself to draw. I did a lot of copying from books, YouTube and often outside, houses, trees, cars, etc. What I really wanted to do was learn to sketch people. I’ve seen artists with a flexible pencil that flies across the page and within a short space of time, produce something that looks like someone!

In the meantime I did a bit of everything and read lots of books, and it still come down to portraits, that’s what I want to do. I have done some and although I managed to make them look like the intended person, they were never quite right. I now know it was the proportions that were incorrect.

The one below I did from a Facebook page that came up of popular figures. It took me a several hours to complete, and I was pleased when people were able to guess who it was. (Answer at the bottom, tell me in the comments if you guessed right.)

But I still wanted to master those quick sketches. I researched it and the Loomis method seems to be a good way to start. I read a book and have since found it on YouTube.

A sketch should take a few minutes and won’t be perfect but a resemblance to the person should be seen. Watch an artist to this, and it looks easy. It isn’t. The one above took about 10-15 to do. If you saw the way I drew earlier in the year, you will know this is a massive improvement. I am pleased with the way it has turned out.

Next, I’ve been studying faces, and what makes then unique to themselves? Narrow face? Round eyes? Long nose? Thin lips? All of these makes us who we are. Now if only I can capture that…… watch this space!

Anthony Hopkins

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