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And The Winner is……

For the last two weeks I’ve been reviewing all the stories in the Love Ever After Anthology.

I decided after I had read them that I would choose my favourite and present the author with this trophy, and offer them a feature on here to showcase themselves and their books and they also get to choose any one of my books as a gift from me.

It did prove difficult because I truly loved all the stories, they were such high quality. Eventually, I was able to narrow it down.

First Contact by Paula Acton
Them by T. S. Author
The Forbidden Fae by Stacey McWillians
Fighter by Danielle Young.

First Contact started out so normal, then took a turn. I watched many Netflix series on this theme and they’ve always been one of my favourites. Once I realised what was going on, my heart raced as fear set in as I worried about the characters. I suppose it’s because I have a wild imagination. My deepest fear is this could happen one day. As that’s the case, I can’t explain why I love stories like this.

Them was also very different to what I expected. Up to a few years ago it was a fantasy story that I stayed well away from. People don’t turn into things. All these vampires, zombies and super heroes tales are not for me. I can’t stretch my imagination that far, but some years ago I began watching was is now a cult TV series. It was everything I didn’t like, yet I did. So when Them took a similar vein, it fast became a favourite.

The Forbidden Fae is like the previous story. A fantasy I don’t believe in and cannot stretch my imagination to. Had this been a book, I probably wouldn’t have read it, as it wouldn’t have appealed to me. Once I started reading, I found myself lured in as I took in every word. I really like the characters and how the author didn’t shy away from dark themes either. I really enjoyed the characters and could easily imagine them living in the woodland unseen by us humans.

Finally, Fighter, which was a novel condensed into a short story. What fascinated more me than anything was the way the author left out all the horror and gory bits. Instead, she chose to leave it to the reader’s imagination. The phrase reading between the lines has never been more true than with this story. You didn’t need to know the things it didn’t say, and the things it did say was heart rendering and emotional, keeping me glued to every word. But would I read the full novel, if there ever was one? Too right I would.

If you have read any of these stories, you will know how difficult it was to narrow it down to four. It was even more difficult to decide which of them could be the overall winner. I took a few days to think about each story and whether it would linger with me. Eventually, and slowly, I came to a decision.

And the winner is……

Congratulations Paula!

Contact me with your email address, and I shall send you a copy of the above certificate. Go to my book page, which is also on the menu, and let me know which one you would like and I will gift it via Amazon.

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