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Love Ever After, Ring of Hope by Kristina Beck

Every day I will be reviewing stories in the Love Ever After anthology.


Reunite with your soulmate on a ranch in Colorado; escape certain death with the love of your life in Yugoslavia; toast marshmallows by the light of the setting sun whilst you find the strength to carry on; or search for your lost love as the smell of fish and chips dances on the sea breeze. Something for everyone, each of these stories tells of love in all its form.A collection of short stories from authors you know and love.

Karen’s Magic Review

This is was the kind of story I was expecting to find in this anthology – romance, sea, sad story, happy ending with a good looking guy and a pretty heroine.

It was also the second story with a Liam in it. Corinna runs a seaside cafe with her sister and she meets surfer Jake. They remember each other from when she got engaged to Liam right after their surfing lesson from Jake.

I really enjoyed it because it had everything to fulfil romance lovers with great characters and a good storyline sprinkled with a little humour.

Look out for the incident with the seagull. It was embarrassing for Corinna but made me laugh.

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