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Love Ever After Anthology, How it started

I belong to a group called Shower Of Schmidt Designs run by Eleanor Lloyd-Jones. I can’t remember how came to join it. It’s a group where she designs beautiful books covers to sell. I have bought one in the past. They are never cheap and if you are an author, you will know this. They are beautiful, though and a lot of work goes into making them. I love scrolling through the designs and have mentioned on my blog before about how much I love looking at book covers. They are inspiring and lure you into a story, or give you an idea for one. In fact, I knew an author once who selected her book cover first, and then wrote her story. I can’t recall who it was now because I don’t think I am in touch with her anymore.

The good thing is, if you do fall in love with one of the covers in the group, Eleanor will help in every way to make it possible for you to purchase it.

So, when she came up with the idea for Dandelion Anthologies, I really wanted to be involved because I liked her, she’s lovely, and anything she is involved in, us always goo and interesting.

However, there was a charge. At the start I didn’t know what it was for. In the very early days of anthologies, I joined a couple for a nominal fee with the promise of royalties that never came, and I’ve no idea what happened to those books now. It was in the days before Facebook. The charge for the Dandelion Anthology was high, with a promise of royalties, so I had to give it some thought, not a lot, because I already knew I wanted to do it, come what may.

For the payment, we got full transparency, decisions were made together, and Eleanor provided everything else, including formatting and a light edit. All we did was write and promote it when live. She provided a beautiful cover and we each got two matching teasers.

Stories could be up to 10k, and right from the beginning I knew this was going to be special. I needed to write something different to my normal romance stories and worked hard on getting it right. I was happy with the end result, and you can judge that and everything else I’ve mentioned by purchasing a copy, or reading it with your Kindle Unlimited account.

The book came in at around 100k words and I couldn’t wait to read it. Right away the stories were high quality and I was pleased I’d made the effort with mine.

I will be reviewing every story in the book right here on the Magic of Stories, and then, at the end, I will choose my favourite, and maybe do something special for that, like an author interview and an award.

Reunite with your soulmate on a ranch in Colorado; escape certain death with the love of your life in Yugoslavia; toast marshmallows by the light of the setting sun whilst you find the strength to carry on; or search for your lost love as the smell of fish and chips dances on the sea breeze. Something for everyone, each of these stories tells of love in all its form.A collection of short stories from authors you know and love.

The book was released on 27th September will only be available for twelve months.

Links to stories will start appearing here as I reviewed them.

First Contact by Paula Acton
Them by T. S. Arthur
Ring of Hope by Kristina Beck
Where I belong by K. J. Ellis
Sunsets and Marshmallows by R. M. Gardener
Old Love by Zara Greenshields
Beyond the Rhubarb by Danielle Jacks
The Forbidden Fae by Stacy McWilliams
Crossing Serbia by Karen J. Mossman
Stardust Eyes by H. A. Robinson
My Blue Eyed Boy by Hazel Robinson
Fighter by Danielle Young

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