Dystopian, Romance

The Battle Cry Has Gone Up! By Karen J. Mossman


The battle cry has gone up, and there will be a helluva fight!

“We’ve been up all night planning our attack,” Marcus shouted. “And we need every one of you in on this. We go out together as one, charge and finish the nest in one strike.” More cheering and shouting filled the cave. Marcus lifted his hands and shushed them.

“This isn’t going to be easy. I sense it will be a long battle with many casualties. We are blind to their capabilities and this could be our undoing. But remember what we are fighting for – our survival, our families and our future!”

Marcus was looking straight at Lexi when he said that word and she couldn’t understand why. Could he be trying to tell her something?

“I know many of you feel like you’re being thrown to the wolves and are apprehensive, scared even. Remember your training! This is what you have been fighting your whole life to become.” Again, Marcus’s sight was upon Lexi. “You are the best of the best. Let’s clean house!”

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Dystopian/Romance/Science Fiction


“Very well written novelette of romance and survival in another time. I always marvel how some authors can bring to life characters and surroundings is a world that exists only in their minds. A recommended read.”

“This is a very gripping book of past and present love, betrayal, struggles, and victories.
What one woman does to show to her partner and friends, let alone herself what she is truly made of.
She has suffered mental abuse but is stronger than they think.”

It shows you things can change, so can people, and that not everything as it may appear at first glance. So don’t be too hasty in your choices you make because you could be making a dreadful mistake.

I recommend this short story. it truly is worth the read.

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