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Quote from The Dragon Wakes by Ellen Read

This books is also free to download at the moment, and judging by this a great read for all you fantasy fans out there.

Pauline Reid

I was given the ARC of, Den of Dragons, which is an anthology, the subject, dragons. If you are looking for the book to read, it is … Volume 1 … apparently not an error on the book cover, I was given the ebook while the cover was being made.

The quote itself is from Ellen Read’s short story The Dragon Wakes, and if you have read The Dragon Sleeps, you will be familiar with the area and the famous muniment room, where mysterious things happen. The Dragon Wakes is a lovely side step from The Dragon Sleeps and I urge every reader to read it. I’m yet reading it again to refresh my memory before The Incas Curse comes out

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