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Rescue Me by Angela Lane

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Summer Matthews had few opportunities for romance while stuck on the family farm. A series of unfortunate ‘accidents’ saw her crossing paths with the most charismatic, and impossible, man she’d ever met.
Brandon Hawkins rescued her and her horse from the river, and stayed on to help her out. It took only a day for things to get very complicated. Brandon was not looking for a woman, but there was just something about her he found irresistible. He walked away because he knew he was a million miles from the sort of man Clay Matthews wanted for his precious daughter. Fate took a hand and he returned to the rescue once again, could it work this time?

Karen’s Magic Review

Having recently read a cowboy book, this front cover really appealed to me. The idea of a modern story set on a ranch was very appealing. Adding that I like horses, and I like fiesty female characters, and good looking men, it appeared to be a winner.

The story started really well, I liked the writing style and the urgent business of rescuing a horse from a river. Brandon was a great character, and his ‘team’ were all intriguing.

Summer and Brandon meet as her parents are away for a few days, he helps her take the horse he helped rescue from a river, back to the ranch and the next two or three chapters were devoted to them having sex. I’m not against sex in a book, but was beginning to get fed of it taking over a story. The book turned into a sexual romp with the rest of it mainly all about their sexual desires.

I don’t even mind reading erotica every now and again, and recently downloaded a book that was short stories. I got half way through the first one, and it was far too explicit. Then the last book I read had a kinky sex theme. I wondering it I am choosing the wrong books! Where is the romance? Can’t we have fiesty women and good looking men without having to go into every minute detail about their sex lives?

Overall the story line is a good one with someone out to get Summer’s family, and Brandon and his team called in to help. But that took second seat to all the sex they were having. Worth a look if you enjoy sex over story line.

2 thoughts on “Rescue Me by Angela Lane”

  1. I’m with you on this one, Kazz. Not altogether sure what blow-by-blow sex scenes add to the story, especially if there are many of them. There are no such scenes in any of my books … does that limit them in any way?


    1. There is a market out there for them for sure but this grated a little with me because the storyline was excellent and it was very well written.

      Each to our own I suppose, and your books have something else in them that may not appeal to everyone, so we all have our niche.

      Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.


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