Ninety Days to Your Tribe by Slaven Vujic

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What if you could completely transform your social media management and social media strategy in just ninety days, making use of a wide array of tips and techniques delivered in ways which are easy to follow, and which genuinely provide enduring results? That’s the premise behind Ninety Days to Your Tribe by Slaven Vujic, a compelling, highly readable, and compulsively practical book about approaching social media strategy in ways which make a real difference to your business.

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Karen’s Magic Review

This book is aimed at writer’s and authors who want to learn how to create a following and fan base. It begins by telling you what to expect in eleven steps. The author says if he can do it, then so can you. Having followed Slaven on social media, he has created a big following and fan base. He knows exactly what he’s talking about, what needs doing and how to achieve this.

In the book he says he’s been around social media since the early days of the nineties when it was IRCs – my brain lit up, I remember them! It’s stands for Internet Chat Relay and they were the first chat forums., a predecessor of Facebook and its groups. In those days was everyone used nickname and some had avatars, and never a photo of themselves.

I had an Internet Service Provider (ISP) called Zetnet, based in Scotland. Everyone needed an ISP to have access to the Internet.  Zetnet had they had their own chat forum. These were message threads where a group of us regularly chatted and became good friends. There were no pictures so you got to know people through their words. Twenty three years later, most of us are still in touch and get together once a year for a meal and chat.

However, I digress. Slaven Vujic was around during these days too, and therefore is a good font of knowledge which he puts to great use. Not only is he building his own empire, he genuinely wants to share his knowledge and help writers understand what they need to do to achieve great things with their businesses.

He talks about brand identity and logos and even colours associated with your brand. Having been through this myself, he’s right, you need something to stand out for readers who’ll remember images and associate then to  you and your writing.

A number of years ago, I used the services of Karina Kantas, author assist. One of the things she offers is help in finding your identity. We used Zoom, which is very much in the news now, to brain storm. It took several sessions while she got to the bottom of what I really wanted to portray. Magic of Stories was born, and she even designed the logo for me. It’s given me a sense of belonging and helped me focus on what I am, what I do, and what I offer to readers. So if you are unsure. Get help.

Another way is to follow Slavin Vujic on Facebook. Once you do that he will include you in the things he does and that’s where you can learn so much. I downloaded his book Build Your Tribe on Facebook, which was invaluable. You can read my review here.

I, too have been around a long time and picked up things as I went, this took several a long, long, time. By reading Ninety Days to Your Tribe you can focus on getting yourself up and running by the end of the book! It’s not a quick fix for instant success, it takes time to build. I can verify a lot of what he says, and I also learnt a lot for myself along the way. It has changed the way I work and given me something new and exciting to concentrate on. Another great thing about is if you have Kindle Unlimited, it is free to download.

Follow the link above and get your own copy. What are you waiting for!


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