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Between Worlds by P. J. Roscoe

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When a young woman who has been missing for months turns up battered and bloodied, lying next to a headless corpse, the police are convinced that she is the killer – but why? The only clue is the murder weapon, an ancient sword dating from the 6th century, that has police and historians baffled.

Refusing to talk, Emily is sent to a psychiatric hospital for her own safety.

Dr. Marian Griffiths is determined to get ahead in her career, and sees Emily as a way of doing that. Using hypnotherapy, she finally has a breakthrough and Emily begins to talk; but the story that unfolds couldn’t possibly be true – could it?

Would you give up your life, for love?

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Karen’s Magic Review

I belong to a kind of book club where we commit to buying one book a fortnight. Mostly I gift the book away as its not the sort of thing I read, so when this one came up, I was excited because it was my kind of story.

This would be the fourth book I’ve read from P J Roscoe. Where Rivers Meet was the first, and I really enjoyed that. Then there was  Diary of Margery Blake, that one was even better. A  short stories book called Three, was another, and now this one, Between Worlds. Again, out of them all this one was the best, with every book seems to get better and better. P J Roscoe is fast becoming one of my favourite writers!

There are several viewpoints, the main one being Emily, the main character. I thought it was clever the way it was done, and not at all confusing as it moved between third and first person point of view. However, I was reading one of the reviews  who said just the opposite. So maybe it is a matter of opinion, and mine is that it worked very well and gave the reader a greater insight.

I found myself totally absorbed into the story, and when Emily went back to the 6th century it was as if I was there, too. That’s what is so great about books. If you can find one to disappear in, then, its done its job!

The attention to detail showed a lot of research had been done, and I liked the way the author addressed things that aren’t generally spoken about, like the privy and the wearing of knickers! They weren’t always worn and I didn’t know that. The questions you wanted to ask, the main character asks, so I learnt a lot on the way.

The only thing I wasn’t keen on was the ending, maybe because I wanted more, not wanting the story to finish. It left me with questions, wondering what happened next. I prefer neat endings where it is rounded off one way or another. It could be picked up for a second book but there was no mention of that. If I remember correctly Where River’s Meet and Diary of Margery Blake had similar endings. So maybe that’s what the author wanted, to leave the reader wanting more. And I do, I really do!

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