Life is a Savage Landfill by Michael Evanicho

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A group of strangers awaken in an old abandoned landfill hidden deep in the woods without recollection of how they arrived in the filthy soup of trash. They must uncover their connection to one another and find a way out of the purposely deepened landfill, before the environment -and the mastermind behind their abductions – destroys them all.


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This book had me on the edge of my seat on every page. It’s very clear that the author put a lot of research into this novel, as every detail of the characters’ predicament was well-planned and thoughtfully described. The best part of the novel was easily the many varied characters; each one had a unique voice and their own experiences that made them memorable and very human—even at their worst. I’m very eager for the next novel!

– Amazon Reviewer

Michael Evanichko has done it again!! Life in a Savage Landfill, the second in the “Life Trilogy,” is a must read for mystery/action/suspense readers!! You’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat at the end of each chapter, anxious to turn the page and dive into the next one!! I love how the characters are developed and “intertwined,” though none of them knew each other before ending up in the mysterious landfill. I also loved how Byron, a character from Evanicho’s debut novel, Life in a Supermarket Basket, is incorporated into this story line. This book has everything – drama, humor (some dark, which I always enjoy), emotions (good and bad), mystery and even a little bit of fantasy!! I highly recommend Life in a Savage Landfill and eagerly await the third book in this trilogy!!

-Amazon Reviewer

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