Flame by Toya Richardson

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After a vicious breakup, the ambitious Amberley throws herself into the corporate world of the family business. Working night and day, she is out to make a success of her career, even if she can’t see much hope for love. However, even though Amberley has moved on, it would seem that her possessive ex boyfriend has very different (and sinister) ideas. Living with a secret terror, Amberley’s health begins to suffer, forcing her to seek refuge from all the London complications by heading down to her childhood holiday home at the Cornish Coast. Her stay doesn’t just lead to a recovery of her body, but of her heart and soul too.

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Karen’s Book Review

I found this on my Kindle and it had been there a while. I can only think I downloaded it when it was free having seen it on Facebook.

I’d been struggling to find something to read, and after rejecting several books, I started reading this one. Immediately I liked it, it was easy to get into with a good style of writing.

Amberley our heroine, was going through a traumatic time being stalked by her ex boyfriend. A deranged man who thought he owned her. Things began to worsen when she finds herself falling in love with Greg, a childhood friend from her parent’s holiday home in Cornwall. Some lovely descriptions of the area, it made me feel I was also there. Greg being a local artist made it more intriguing.

Unfortunately, the mystic of Greg was lost because the viewpoint continually jumped from Amberley to him, a technique I’m not a great fan of. Although having said that, it didn’t put me off because I was enjoying the story.

I did find some of the descriptions repetitive, especially how Amberley felt when she was with Greg. Then at one point, I had to go back and re-read a paragraph because it interfered there were two Greg’s in one place. Perhaps he had a brother? Amberley had followed him into a room, then stopped dead because he was sitting on the settee. It didn’t quite make sense. Then later at one point a Chrissie was referred to, and I had no idea who she was because she hadn’t been mentioned before or afterwards.

It was easy to guess what was going to happen when her stalker went to trial. There were good descriptions of the courtroom proceedings, except all the evidence given was just what we already knew, and had already been explained in full earlier in the book.
On the whole though, it was an enjoyable read.

This was the author’s first book, and she has gone on to write several more, popular books. However, I could only find two of them on her author page.

You can follow her here.

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