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A Christmas Consipiracy by Reet Singh

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Christmas has never been more complicated!

Goldie Gill works in a recruiting firm in Toronto and has had it with his mother’s single-minded desire to see him married off to a nice girl. Goldie has no wish to find himself a nice girl – he is perfectly happy living the life and hanging out with his cat, Billy.

It takes a chance encounter with a dusky, doe-eyed, scatter-brained beauty, just before Christmas, for Goldie to seriously reconsider his plans. But then, he learns that his meeting with the girl isn’t a happy coincidence – somebody has been meddling.

What is the conspiracy and how is Goldie going to get to the bottom of it considering that the girl has disappeared?

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Karen’s Magic Review

After reading Outlander for over the four weeks, I was looking for something small to read. Something that would be easy and not last too long. I retweeted this book, follow the link to follow the author, and it sounded ideal.

I’ve come across Reet Singh before and once looked inside one of her book using that facility on Amazon. This particular one called Satin and Sapphire is one of my favourite covers, so I  looked to see what her writing was like. You can see it below.  Her writing style looked fine, so when A Christmas Conspiracy came up, I downloaded it.

It’s the first time I’ve read a book with Indian characters written by an Indian author and the style and turn of phrase was a refreshing change to everything I normally read.

I loved the politeness and the innocence of the chartacters. It reminded me of a time in the sixites and seventies when things between a man and a woman were a little more discreet and shy.

This book however, was in no way old fashioned, if anything it seemed to reflect modern people of that culture. I liked how it was set in a coffee shop in Toronto. It was a simple story of boy meeting girl but presented in a totally different way, with a nice little twist in the tail.

The thing I enjoyed most of all was the writing style. It was extremely easy to read and entertaining at the same time.

Sometimes we don’t want to read big books that we have to invest a lot of time in. Sometimes we just want entertaining for a short period and this is it.

Use the links above to read something a little different, you’ll enjoy it just as I have.

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