Tally by J. M. Northup

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Starved for love and fearing time is running out, attorney Tally Abram seeks the aid of her gay best friends, Lex and Ishkode Ackerman, in fathering the children she desperately wants. Will they comply? Will Tally find the family she craves? Or will her need for completion destroy the most important relationships in her life?
This book explores the ideas of family structure, tri-parenting, and polyamorous relationships. It contains mature material and is not suitable for those under 18 years of age.

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Karen’s Magic Review

A year ago I read an anthology called Flawed Perfection. One of the stories was called Unwrapped Gifts by J. M. Northup. It was my favourite because it captured my imagination. I contacted the author to say so. She told me she was hoping to turn it into a novel. And here it is, renamed Tally.

The beginning was pretty much the same and, as first time round, I found it difficult to get into the story. The reason was the main characters were already in full conversation. It was like walking into a room full of strangers all chatting and as you don’t know them, or know what they are talking about, you get kind of bored. However, like the first time around, I persevered through it, and it was worth it.

In the original version, I didn’t recall much of the actual storyline but remembered the ending. I think although I enjoyed it, the element of surprise wasn’t there this time because I knew what was coming. Plus, the structure of the story is given away on the cover. There is also a warning in the description, yet I found nothing inside that merited it. I’ve read far worse that didn’t have disclaimers saying it was an adult only story.

This book shouldn’t have worked. It is every writing teacher’s nightmare. It’s full of  adjectives for one. Written in the third person from various viewpoints, it had had the first person narrative mixed in with it as well.  It should have been difficult to read as it broke every rule. Strangely, it worked because everything was clear and concise and the author, J. M. Northup is an excellent storyteller.

So why shouldn’t we challenge convention? As long as it is used correctly, as done in this case, nothing distracts from the story, so why not?

How about choosing something different for your reading list? A different type of story and a different style of writing?

J. M. Northup is a prolific writer, uses various writing styles and genres in her books, so there is something to interest everyone!

Author Bio

J.M. Northup is an American author and partner of NORNS TRIAD PUBLICATIONS!

Julie writes in various genres, though she specializes in young adult fiction. Many of her stories blur the lines between multiple genres, including but not limited to Middle Grade, Dystopian, Suspense, thrillers, and romance.

An active promoter via her blog and social media pages, Julie spotlights various persons involved in the literary world. She provides readers with customized interviews, honest book reviews, and information regarding book promotions, giveaways, and events.

J.M. Northup is a native Minnesotan with a background in aviation, the medical field, gas & oil industry, databases, and business. She is happily married with a wealth of beautiful children and grandchildren.

Other books by J.M. Northup

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