Bonfire Heart by Audrina Lane

Bonfire Heart ecover (002).jpgDescription

Sebastian Winter is a loner with a lot on his mind. His only escape is his photography and enjoying the peace and solitude that sailing off the coast of New Zealand brings.
Lena Cavendish is the town’s rich girl who wants to break free and follow her heart. Her father wants University and a career for his daughter, she wants to write romances. She is looking for her ‘Happily Ever After’.
Falling in love can be simple but will Sebastian’s anxiety and depression push her away, just when he needs her the most?
Find out in this coming of age story set on the North Island of New Zealand.


Karen’s Review

If you are looking for a love story that will play with the strings of your heart, have great characters, beautiful scenery with just the right amount of dramatic story telling, then here it is.

Audrina Lane is great at romance amd I’ve read a couple of her books before. Come back and read a review here.

The story tells of Sebaston who has had problems with depression and anxiety, and who could blame him when him when you see what has happened in his life. It’s a change to have male character who are not completely flawless and strong. It makes him seem more real. He falls in love with Lena but believes she is too good for him and his problems will put her her off when she realises. This of course, makes him even more anxious.

Lena has her own problems, although they probably don’t seem like problems to everybody else. How hard can it be to come from a rich family? Well, for a start her family have expectations of her and plans for her future. Unfortunately, they are not what she wants from her life. That brings conflict. Lena also feels anxious that Sebaston will not be interested in someone like her.

This is indeed, a coming of age story and two people fall in love for the first time.

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This is Audrina’s first book under the Electric Eclectic book brand. She also has her own channel on Electric Press.


Electric Eclectic Books


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