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Two Books, Two Re-reads

Once upon a time I used to read books again if I like them. As long as a reasonable length of time had passed and enough for me to forget most of the details. I’ve also been known to read books two or three times! They had to be very special.

These days there are so many books out there I don’t do it any more – until now.

These are they:

Out of all the books I read, these two books, very different from each other, have stayed with me. Once in a while stories that you read ages ago come back to mind. Often I find I don’t remember anything about them, except I loved them. Or as with these two, certain scenes in the book come to mind from time to time.

The first book, I was luckily enough to win a paperback copy a few years ago. It was a large book, posted from the USA to me in the UK and must have cost a lot. It was signed  by the author, and at the back it said:

*****Warning: This book contains sexual content (and a violent sexual scene) and language that is not appropriate for audiences under eighteen years of age.****

That put me off slightly. Did I want to read a book like that? I wasn’t sure and it sat on my shelf for a while.

The other book, The Day of the Wave, I can’t recall where I saw it or how I came to have it on my Kindle. I can only guess that as it was based the Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand back in 2004, I was drawn to it.

Although I couldn’t really remember the storylines. From each of these books there were those scenes I mention.

In Metamorphis a party where Cameron the heroine, overhears something her boyfriend Dax is telling his friends. She is utterly horrified. I couldn’t remember what it was but remember being really shocked. It made me stop reading, gaze up blindly, thinking, w-what????

In the The Day of the Wave, it was also a sort of party, this time on a boat.  Izzy and Ben are the main characters. They both experienced the horror of the wave. Ten years later they meet up. Izzy has never been to the sea since, but was braving a boat ride. All was going well until someone throws here in the water. It brings back all her memories and she has a panic attack. Ben dives in and rescues her. It was so moving, I think I stopped breathing while I read it.

I loved these books all over again and if you get a chance to read them too, please come back here and tell me what you thought.

Metamorphis UK
Metamorphis US

The Day of The Wave UK
The Dave of the Wave US



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