Diary of an Everyday Vampire by Theresa Hedges


Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 16.23.29Congratulations Thérésa Hedges-Webb on the release of her second book in the series, Diary Of An Everyday Vampire ~ Volume 2.



Book 2 of the Diary Of An Everyday Vampire is back! Louder, more observant and cheekier than ever.

Read more of the irreverent rants, humorous musings and useful advice from the most unusual creature ever – the Everyday Vampire.

Read all the latest from the book series that’s been called “a fresh breath of air to an old genre”!”You will enjoy it whether you are a ‘vampire’ fan or not!”

Paperback version is available from 21st June on Amazon, the Kindle version is released on 1st July.

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Book 1 is available on Kindle Unlimited or for 99p.

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No glitter, no fuss, just a new-fangled view on life…Did you know vampires are real?

Of course you did. Well, you always suspected it.

And they’re not actually undead, just largely unenthusiastic about the modern world.

Here’s your opportunity to find out the amusing truth…

Read the secret thoughts of one such outrageous creature: the Everyday Vampire.”I love the ‘Bridget Jones’ vampire! This always makes me laugh! It’s brilliant!” (Beta review)



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