An Incidental Lovestyle by Kiltie Jackson

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Genre: Contemporary Romance


Jenny Marshall is your stereotypical, middle-aged, spinster. She works in a library, has two cats and likes cake. She has her dreams but not the courage to chase them.

Jeff Rowland fell in love at first sight with Jenny four years ago but hasn’t seen her since. When they bump into each other again, he realises his feelings haven’t changed.

When Jenny’s car breaks down on a cold winter’s day, it sets off a chain of events which brings them together in a way neither could ever have imagined. Both, however, have dark secrets in their past which begin to seep into their present.

Will these secrets bring them closer together?

Or will they shatter their relationship beyond repair?

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Who is Kiltie Jackson?

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 11.43.31Kiltie grew up in Glasgow and went to London and the Midlands before finally settling in Staffordshire. She lives with her husband and six cats.
Interestingly, she didn’t set out to write a series, something I know about because neither did I, and like she says, it just happened.
 A Rock ‘n’ Roll Lovestyle was released on the 26th September 2017 and her second novel, An Artisan Lovestyle, was released in June 2018.  An Incidental Lovestylle was releasedon 28th May 2019 and makes a great addition to this colourful, cool looking series.

She is also writing her first standalone thriller but there is no release date set yet.

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I picked out this review for An Incidental lovestyle because it says each story can be read alone but of course itsbetter together!
All books are available in Kindle and in Paperback.

Review from an Amazon Customer:

"Ohhhh I love the Lovestyle series, the first two were fab and this is more of the same, new characters mix with some we recognise (this book can easily be read as a stand alone or of course part of the series) and all in an modern romance laced with the authors very unique humour plus ‘insight on humans’ and all tied up in a big colourful bow!Bring on Book 4!

10/10 5 Stars

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