Historical, Paranormal

Dominic Fortior Concordia by Theresa Hedges

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 20.17.03#Pict Publishing is proud to announce book two is here!

Genre: Paranormal/Vampire/Romance


Fate is the deadliest predator…
Dominic, Arena, James, and baby Ully have moved to the tiny seaside town of Aberarawn on the west Wales coast. But their new life is not all plain sailing. The little family settles down to the joys and heartaches of togetherness, while James searches for his own Happy Ever After. But the longed-for quiet life eludes them all as a dangerous secret from the two friends’ past threatens to destroy their family, and their future.
The eagerly awaited sequel to ‘Dominic’ picks up six months after they leave Merlinton. Questions are answered, and new mysteries unveil themselves in this unique tale of vampire life and love.



Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 20.18.48Book 1


Not all angels fall. Some are pushed…

London, the 1890s. Dominic Ross is a sweet, idealistic student doctor, finding his way around London society with the help of his devoted friend James. Dominic’s life is full of potential: a promising career, good friends and a girl he adores. When he and James meet society darling Sir Adam Morell, they have little idea of the secret that will turn the innocent Dominic’s life upside down.



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Who is Thérésa Hedges?

She is an award-winning writer of plays, films, and novels. Her first novel, the science-fiction thriller Our Little Miracle, which was released in 2015. 2016 saw the release of Diary Of An Everyday Vampire, & the story of a very different vampire – Dominic. Fortior Concordia, is out now.

She recently published First Impressions, a modern take on Pride & Prejudice. Her style is very visual, poetic, and has been described as ‘like Classic Gothic fiction of the best kind.’ She is working on two feature films and wrote the script for “Like Glass”, currently picking up awards on the film festival circuit.

Thérésa describes herself as being ‘hyperactive and outdoorsy’ and jokes that if/when anyone makes a film of Dominic, she’d like to play Aunt Melissa, please..!

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