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Time to Unpublish

The book market is completely flooded. In the distant past I would go to the library and spend my dinner hour browsing the shelves for a book I would start reading that night. Now with one click, Amazon Kindle, free books, and charity shops selling paperbacks, it’s never been easier.

For writers, self publishing is available at at the press of the button. To do that, we’ve learnt to format, make our own book covers, proofread, and edit. Sometimes, it isn’t possible to do everything, so we pay someone to help. Writing a book can be an expensive affair, with covers ranging from £50 to £75, paperbacks are double that.

Once you’re published, you then have to promote your book whenever and where ever you can. The moment you stop, so do the sales. What makes it all the more difficult is there is a thousand other authors doing the same thing.

I’ve written fourteen books since I first published in back 2014. I didn’t set out to have them in collections, it just thappened out that way

The Decade Series

The Themed Collection

Electric Eclectic books

Just Stories

It’s almost impossible to promote all of them. I’ve even paid to have them promoted. If often ends up costing me more than I make. On average I sell between three and eight eBooks a month. If only that were weekly. The royalty paid is a pittance. I don’t even earn enough to call it pin money.

Take The Themed Collection for example, they were the first books I published and they’ve never sold well. I 2016, I gave them a rewrite, new formating and these beaujtiful covers. It still didn’t help. Maybe I hadn’t advertised them enough, I don’t know. That’s the trouble with having too many books, some get left behind. I’ve not had a new review on any of them for over two years now. It speaks for itself.

My novels take at least a year to write, and sell for 99p, if I’m lucky. So why do I bother?

I bother because I love to write. Last year I decided to write for myself. I would not chase my tail looking for readers, reviews, and sales, any more. I still see authors stressing about it. Life’s more than just books.

Last year I was involved in Electric Eclectic Books. They are novellas and much easier to write because they can be anything between 6 and 20K. That’s a very manageable word count. I’m part of a group of authors; I belong to something, and not pursuing this on my own any more.

We promote and support each other’s work. Book covers are provided for as little £8, along with formatting and a light edit. Electric Eclectic Books have had a great first year. 2019, as they expand and grow is where I want to be.

So I have decided to pull all my books except for The Decade Series and The Magic of Stories, which was produced to show my capability as a multi-genre author, and it’s is part of this website.

The cover that pains me most of all is for The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold. I don’t want to give it up, I love it, it’s perfect for my heroine. Unfortunately, it’s not a suitable for EE as all their covers are a certain style. That’s what makes them so unique.

I will be deconstructing The Themed Collection and they will eventually make their way over to EE in one form or another. It’s the only way I‘m going to sell anything, and importantly, manage the book promotions.

My author website will have to redesigned and I’ll be removing them from the various other online stores by the end of February.

Unfortunately, Amazon, who is a law unto itself, will not take down the paperbacks, not that I ever sell them, anyway. I’ll unpublish but they’ll continue to have a presence.

Update 2020

The Themed Collection

Remain unpublished and I’ve been using the short stories else where. One day I’ll do something with the beautiful covers.

The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold

This did go to Electric Eclectic Books and it did keep its cover.

The Decade Collection

The Secret had a name change and went to a publisher, The Truth Will Out will be joining it. The Decade Series was disbanded.

Just Stories

The books in this collection moved to Electric Eclectic Books and Just Stories are no more.

Electric Eclectic Books

Changed direction, still a book brand and also offer services. If an author doesn’t want to go it alone, it’s a great place to belong.

The website for my books is now right here. You can check them out on the menu.

7 thoughts on “Time to Unpublish”

  1. Reblogged this on Campbells World and commented:
    Hello bookworms everywhere.
    Looks like author Karen J. Mossman is making some changes.
    While she’s certainly not down for the count, she’s got some great new ideas for re-inventing herself.
    So, have a look at what she’s up to and do give this post a like and a share.


    1. Thank you Patty. I didn’t look at it like that, but yes, I guess I am re-inventing myself and my books.
      It’s a changing world out there and we have to find a way of adapting, too.


      1. Hi, yes. I saw it as you reinventing yourself. Finding a new way to do what it is that you want to do in a way that you feel would reach the people you wanted to reach.

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  2. It makes me sad Karen. I’m hopeful you don’t lose the passion to write.
    I’m proud of you and the stories we share.
    Much Love


    1. Thank you, Cindy! No, that will never happen. I’m already working on a new book. It’s a novella, and maybe part of anthology. If not, it will become an Electric Eclectic book.


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