Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Written in Blood by Stephen Puleston

Genre: Crime/Thriller

A savage murder. A copycat killer on the loose? Can Inspector Drake catch the killer?

When Inspector Drake is called to the holiday home of eminent barrister and recently appointed judge, Nicholas Wixley, he is faced with a grisly sight. Wixley’s body has been badly mutilated and staged to resemble a scene from the feared serial murderer – The Alphabet Killer. The only problem is, the perpetrator for those murders is already behind bars”

Drake and the team embark on a frantic investigation to identify the copycat killer and warn other potential victims – all of whom Drake suspects are linked to the previous Alphabet case. But when a friend of Wixley’s is found murdered on his yacht, Drake begins to suspect the copycat link is a red herring to throw them off the scent”

And when another murder takes place, Drake begins to question everything he knows about this case and his possible suspects. Now with his own reputation and the integrity of the Wales Police Service on the line Drake cannot afford to make any more mistakes.uld hook the reader and tell what your book is about and why they should bother reading it.

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Karen’s Magic Review

I’ve read all of the Inspector Drake books and I think this one is by far the best. The writing is just genius.

There was some great phrases, such as ‘Interviewing Laura Wixley was like walking into a cul de sac repeatedly.’

Inspector Drake interviews the wife of a victim who was also a senior police officer. It took me back to Line of Duty, Season 5. There was a scene in that where a corrupt senior officer was being interviewed. We knew she was guilty,  and the scene played out in the silences, pauses, and the emotions passing through the faces around the table.

Wixley was giving short, sharp, answers to all Drake’s questions. Carefully veiled emotions passed through her eyes as Drake tried to second guess what she was going to say. He was already convinced she was lying.

I made so many notes in this book, I couldn’t possibly report them all. But I have to repeat this one. It came at the end of Chapter 29, when Wixley was interviewed again. She was a very upright/uptight person who stood her ground and was very confidendent in position. She responded quietel y and efficiently to anything asked. So the last paragraph wasn’t expected.

‘Wixley stood up, announcing that their meeting was at an end. ‘And if I am no longer a suspect, you can both fuck off back to Wales.’ I literally roared out loud at this one. It was so unexpected.

Puleston’s writing is absolutly on point with a thrilling tale as a team of detectives investigate a serious of murders. And of course, the thing I like the best is that it is all written in my part of the world, Wales.

Book One of my four next books.

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