No Reception by Maisie Porter

Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 09.46.50Genre: Thriller


For hyper-successful wedding photographer and blogger, Zody Lee Swabler, anonymous death threats come with the territory. When warned by email not to continue booking jobs, she responds by accepting the next request that comes in.

When a strangely eager woman approaches her about the emails, she accepts the woman’s invitation to visit her home. So begins Helena Hoath’s elaborate plan to take over the life and profession of the photographer she wishes she could be.

And when Zody unleashes her own revenge scheme, she discovers that the unhinged woman may still have the wit to turn a successful photographer’s own talents against her.

Zody and Helena’s lives begin to intertwine in ways that neither could have foreseen…

Karen’s Magic Review

There is something about the cover of this book that attracted me immediately. I’d also come across the it on Facebook and read the description. This was my kind of novel. I think I may have seen it on a free one day download, and couldn’t resist.

From the opening page, the story grabbed my attention and ‘page-turner’ is a term that works very well.

I quickly realised it was based in Australia. I don’t think I’ve ever read a book based there before. It was a refreshing change to read about their towns, expressions, and reference to ‘the bush’, which we’ve all heard of.

The book had a theme of photography, as the main character Zody made a living as a wedding photographer. Our second main character was Helena, and not so succesful, so she decided to take over of Zody’s clients. And there begins the devious plot.

Helena came across initially as a normal character and was the wife of Zody’s friend. Little did we know how unhinged Helena was as the sinister story unfolded.

Although, at time I felt the plot was a little flawed; who would not protect themselves with passwords especially after getting hacked?  However, this is what happens, and the story was so entertaining it’s easy to overlook .

Definetly worth your while reading and you can find it here and read the reviews.

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