Eye of the Fire by Adam Mitchell

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They expected adventure. The island didn’t disappoint.
When seasoned treasure hunter, Mike Gordon, and his party of unconventional adventurers travel to a breathtaking island hoping to discover a primitive tribe, their journey couldn’t have gone any smoother.
But the day after landing their seaplane, they are overrun by violent savages whose god is in need of a fresh sacrifice.
Can Mike’s team escape the treacherous island unharmed, or will this trip be their last adventure together?
If you’re a fan of Wilbur Smith, Clive Cussler, and rip-roaring adventure novels, then one-click this riveting book today!

Karen’s Magic Review

I love the cover of this book and it perfectly summed up the contents. It was what attracted me to this story.

Adam Mitchell writes great crime noir, and when you delve into one of his books, you never know what to expect.  This one transported me back to the nineteen thirties and I couldn’t wait to see where it led.

In Eye of the Fire, the opening page sold the whole book. This author knows how to write  descriptively! I could picture exactly how the land lay, and how our heroes, a party of four, make their way into the jungle to look for a lost tribe.

‘Dawn broke out onto the thick leafy treetops of the Borneo Jungle. The richness of the jungle’s colours fused upon what may have been the strangest sight seen by man in this vast wilderness since the beginning of time itself. A dark sinister, and gloomy lake some ten feet miles wide as the parrot flies, lay shimming beneath thick patches of silvered whisper like mists. All of which seemed to rise and fall like clouds of steam from its glassy surface.’

The language fitted perfectly for the way they spoke back then. I loved the way they all conversed with each other. It really showed the times as we went from conversations to their thoughts.

Off the party went after landing their plane in a lake, to find the lost tribe of the Arbor. They expected a warm welcome and, as with all good stories, it wasn’t what they got. They have to fight for survival and the adventure is fast paced as they run for their lives.

A book that is a little different is always interesting to read.

I do hope you will give it a go.

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