A Sorry Affair by Kirsten Nairn

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 09.36.29.pngGenre: Romance/Women’s Fiction


Jen and Mack are the perfect couple; meeting at university, moving in together and engaged to be married. Then, one day, Abbi turns up on their doorstep and throws a huge spanner in the works of their seemingly well-oiled relationship. On that day, Mack’s life is turned upside down and it seems there’s no way back. Resigned to the fact that the relationship is over and Jen is selling the house, Mack is forced to go back home and live with his parents. He comes to blows with his father, who was close friends with Jen’s father, and emotions run high when past hurts are revisited. Despite several letters from Mack, years pass without any word from Jen. The reader is left in suspense, always wanting more and wondering if it really is the end for Jen and Mack.

Karen’s Magic Review

This is a good and clever story as the viewpoint changes between the three main characters in each of the chapters. It was easy to follow and gave a crisp, clean flow to the writing. The storyline was really absorbing, too.

What I found fascinating was an interview with the author I’d just read right before I picked up the book. The idea came from a simple overheard conversation on a train.

One man, two women –  Mack, Jen and Abi. Each one telling their story. Mack loved two women and couldn’t decide which he liked the best. At the beginning neither women was aware of the other, and then one finds out. She is shocked to realise it is she who is having the affair as had assumed she was his girlfriend.

Going through the emotions of these people was a page turner and it wasn’t all soppy and dripping either. Each of the women discovered they had a rival and their reactions kept me reading everytime I had a free minute. As a reader, I settled on which girl I preferred and then wondered if the author had coaxed me to think that way. Although both girls were ‘nice’ with no great flaws. Mack was, as you would expect, a charmer of a character.

It soon became evident he had to choose, and the quesiton was, who would it be? Then there was a little twist to make it even  more interesting. The effects this triangle had on  everybody reverberated through the years.

During the last quarter of the book and in the middle of a chapter, the view point changed. From that point forward it lost some of its clean crispness. By then it was too late, I needed to know which woman won the guy, if indeed any of them did!

During the last couple of chapters, the main view point changed to the winner and the reader was kept guessing for a little longer.  It was clever the way it was done and I, as am sure other readers, will have invested in one of the women.  I could soon tell it wasn’t the one I wanted but it didn’t really make any difference.

This is a really good story because of the way it hooks the reader keeping them guessing right until the end – to the very last line.

I hope we see some more books by this author soon

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