Erinsmore by Julia Blake

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All her life, Ruby has longed to escape. Her imagination fed by the Narnia books and Arthurian legends, she dreams of another world.

Discovering the ancient prophecy stone in a Cornish antique shop, she and her cynical older sister, Cassie, suddenly find themselves in the mythical land of Erinsmore. A realm of swords, chivalry and magic, it is everything Ruby has been longing for, but, is a world poised on the brink of war…

The evil warlock Lorcan has escaped his prison, bringing death and destruction to Erinsmore and its people with the release of his hounds of death, the skraelings, and the Gilmesh, creatures of pure evil who extract the souls of their victims.

Struggling to understand this strange world, Ruby and Cassie have to toughen up quick, if they wish to survive and help their new-found friends in the oncoming battle. For if Erinsmore falls to Lorcan, then their own world will be next. And what exactly does the last verse of that prophecy mean…

Two shall fight for freedom
Defend the dragon’s throne
Two shall walk the dark path
And one return alone

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Listen to an exlusive reading on the Magic of Stories YouTube channel featuring Cassie and Colwyn in a sword fight, except he doesn’t realised there is trickery at work.

Available 19th May 2018!

About the Author

Julia Blake lives in the beautiful historical town of Bury St. Edmunds, deep in the heart of the county of Suffolk in the UK, with her daughter, one crazy cat, and a succession of even crazier lodgers.

She’s been writing all her life, but only recently took herself seriously enough to consider being published. Her first novel, The Book of Eve, has met with worldwide critical acclaim, her novella, Lifesong, a fantasy/sci-fi story, is causing a stir with its powerful, environmental message. Her second novel, the epic read, Becoming Lili, is a touching coming of age, ugly duckling story, and her collection of short stories and poetry, Eclairs for Tea and other stories, is charming readers everywhere, with its quirky, homespun stories and poems of modern life. Fixtures & Fittings, the powerful sequel to Lost & Found, was recently released to rave reviews.

Julia leads a busy life, juggling working and family commitments with her writing, and has a strong internet presence, loving the close-knit and supportive community of fellow authors she has found on social media, and promises there are plenty more books in the pipeline.

Julia says: “I write the kind of books I like to read myself, warm and engaging novels, with strong, three dimensional characters you can really connect with.”

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