Royal Wedding, Erinsmore by Julia Blake

Wasn’t yesterday a great day? Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Romance by a dashing Prince is just what fairy tales are about. Windsor Castle as a backdrop and mounted soldiers displaying swords are so typically British.

Like King Arthur and his Knights? Then you will love Erinsmore. Julia Blake’s story also tells of a dashing Prince, swords fights and romance.

Ruby and her sister Cassie find a prophercy stone in a Cornish antique shop. They missed the Royal Wedding, but Erinsmore is everything Ruby wished for – an escape from her life. She didn’t expect the battle that followed or the evil creatures extracting souls from their victims.

Evil warlock Lorcan is brining Erinsmore to it’s knees. Are Ruby and Cassie the two talked about in the prophercy. Can they help save Erinsmore.


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