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The Christmas Gift by Izzy James

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The Christmas Gift is the heartwarming tale of Jack and Erica.
Fifty-five year old Jack Callahan has been alone, by choice, for five years.
Forty-five year old Erica Thomas has never had a serious relationship and believes that love and marriage is not God’s plan for her.
Can a chance meeting in an airport and an impetuous photo change their destinies and prove that it’s never too late to fall in love?

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Karen’s Magic Review

This was a traditional Christmas story and by that I mean it had all the things you would expect to celebrate the season. I enjoyed it for that, it was just what I wanted to read.

The two main characters were older, with Erica being 45 and Jack being over 50 and I liked that, too.

There was a line in it that I loved: ‘He was the famous Jack Murphy and she was the regular Erica Thomas stuck in the snow.’ One little sentence said so much.

Erica was an independent woman who falls for writer Jack. I did enjoy reading the story although I’m not sure grabbing her breast while stealing a kiss is what a respectable man such as him would do.

Then came a paragraph that brought another smile to my face. “But I see my friend Ann with her children and I do wish sometimes that I had made some time for that. That God had sent a man for me to marry.” She blushed as she looked at him quickly and turned back toward the fire. He held onto the arms of the chair to restrain himself from vaulting over the chair to give her all the children she wanted.” Izzy James certainly had a way with words.

Then I was completely thrown – “‘He was a real good looking pig.’ Only, she was beginning to wonder about the pig part.” Pig?

There were one or two more references to pigs that with the storyline.  Perhaps it was a turn of phrase in that part of the world, but it left me cold.

On the whole, it was a short Christmassy and easy read. It left me wanting more and that’s always a good sign, isn’t it?

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