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Refuse by Jennifer Roush

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 17.51.34Genre: Science Fiction/ Fantasy


Psyche: it used to mean the seat of intellect, but now refers only to a tiny asteroid housing the solar system’s human garbage.

When Antoinette Foucault’s dream of motherhood circles the drain, an emotional outburst is expected, but not a revolution. Her official “Deviation” permits her to express otherwise-illegal discontent, but no one could predict it would be her key to an organization of misfits with designs on overthrowing the government.

Can she save the innocent before warring revolutions destroy them all? Only if she can do more, be more, than REFUSE.

In this irreverent, sarcastic novel, the heroine Antoinette conspires with freaks against an alien-run government bent on making all humans healthy by suppressing the expression of negative emotions. But Antoinette is an average person, with bad feelings and snarky comments and a predilection for toilet or bedroom humor.

When the fate of the solar system is in her hands, she’s on the jump, willing ot make love to as many lesbian alien octopuses as she must. With the help of her transgender doctor and her counsellor husband, she’ll either take down the Colony or kill everyone trying. But will it be enough? Will it be on time?

Only if she can figure out exactly what she’s rebelling against and be better than the human garbage her government takes her for, better than the average woman her society believes her to be, better than the hero revolutionaries expect.

Release Day October 1st!

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About the Author

Raised on Star Trek, Dune, and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Jennifer prefers a good dose of biting social commentary in her speculative fiction, and with such influences as C. S. Friedman and Joan D. Vinge, uses gentle metaphor and a total lack of preachiness to do it. Her complex characters grow through their tense and challenging plots, through settings deliberately chosen to amplify the moral struggles we all face, but always with the assurance that you can kick back, put your feet up, and just enjoy an entertaining, funny, and haunting story if you want.

Dedicated to the craft of writing well, Jennifer and her publishing company SmartyPants Publishing, Inc. work to grow authors of all genres who share in the love of a good story well told. To this end, SmartyPants maintains a learning site, critique group, and a host of upcoming projects including novels, anthologies, and a self-publishing and hybrid-publishing forum

It is Jennifer’s work in life to not only tell her own stories, but to help other writers tell the stories that need to be told, and to get those stories into the hands of anyone who wants them. Good stories, well told, and distributed across the globe.

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Thank you for taking the time to get to know Jennifer! If you would like to contact Jennifer directly, she is available at you can do so here.

If you would like to contact SmartyPants Publishing, you can do so here.


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