Crime, Thriller

Deathwish by Cathy McGough

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 14.11.59Genre: Crime/Thriller/Suspense

Life is way too short to sit around worrying and wondering what might have been. Sometimes you’ve just got to take control. This is a story of a man who did just that.

Is it a Series?


Is it Easy to Read?


Karen’s Magic Review

This is a quick read and can easily be read in one sitting. The nice thing, of course, is that it’s free to download.

Because it is a short read, it’s hard to say much about it without giving anything away. So I will say it is a well-written story and one to keep the reader on their toes and, more importantly, to keep them reading right until the end.

The main character is out to kill himself, but how and why? Those are the questions that make you want to turn the page, and with morbid fascination, I kept reading and the end is well worth the effort.

A great little book and you really should push that download button!

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Amazon US

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