Ricky Goes to School

by Karen J Mossman

I want to tell you a story….. yes, tell you a story, so in conjunction with my YouTube channel, you can listen to a tale about a dog called Ricky. Afterwards, come back here, the photographs will make more sense! I’ve also asked for similar stories and they are listed below.

One day back in the early 1960s, Ricky came to school with me and stayed all day.

Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures of Ricky. He was a typical terrier mongrel dog. In the picture are my parents, Mum holding Ricky, Mum’s sister holding her poodles, and my grandparents.  My little sister sneaked into the photograph too.

Scan 9 (3)

Our lovely Sally

Sally, our rough collie dog.

Wellington Rd

This is in Moira’s back garden where we played and our friends played in the foundations of a house that didn’t get built. I’m the one in the centre, and on the right of the photo is my brother and sister.

Readers Stories

From Linda Collier, Manchester

Not a dog story but a cat one. While my daughters were at primary school, we had a cat called Barney. He was a real character.

I remember one day he had gone out, and the girls had gone to school. The next thing I knew, Sarah came home with Barney in her arms. Apparently, Sarah was in class and the windows were open. Partway through the lesson, Barney jumped in and went straight to Sarah. The teacher told her to quickly take the cat home.

Luckily we lived across the road from the school so she was only out of class for about 5 minutes. I had to make sure Barney was kept in for the rest of the school day. He never got into school again (I think they kept the window shut) although he used to wander over and play with the children in the playground.

That sort of thing would never happen with the cat we have now – Smudge is a very scared cat and rarely goes out. He only has to hear someone knock at the door and he hides behind the settee!

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