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Sacred Lake – The Gold Detectives by Gillian E. Hamer

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 18.24.49Genre: Crime/Mystery/Thriller/Detective


Two bodies discovered in a sacred Anglesey lake. One four weeks old. One four decades.
Random murders or ritual sacrifice?
Coincidence isn’t part of the vocabulary for DI Amanda Gold and her team. So when an up-and-coming star chef goes missing, the hunt for a killer is on.
Pressure mounts as suspect number one becomes victim number three.
DS Gethin Evans has an instinct. He is going to prove these crimes are sexually motivated, even if it means going it alone.
The hunt nears its end. The question is no longer who is right but who will survive?
If the sins of the past shadow everyone’s future, there’s no place to hide.

What is the book about?

The detectives investigating a body in a lake.

Is it a series?

Yes, this is book 3. The first to are Crimson Shore, and False Lights. Both reviewed on this blog.

Is it easy to read?

Yes, very.

Karen’s Review

The first book grabbed me immediately, the second book was a slow burner and this, book 3, I was hooked from the beginning.

This time the action was set in the cold of winter as the characters braced themselves with the chills of frost. The action moved over to Rhosneigr, a very popular beach in Anglesey, with sea and windsurfers in summer months. A body is found in a lake of a country hotel owned by the same family for three generations. Again the author created some really good strong characters and I had my favourites.

I really loved reading this book and was sad because I knew it was the last one. I’m hoping there will be more to come.  There was a gay kiss and I was absolutely thrilled as I read the words that brought the two men together and felt excited at the prospect of them getting together. That was a first me as I’ve never read about that kind of love before and since learnt it’s called M/M book. (Male and Male), but why should that be confined to a book with a label? It’s just romance between two people.

I loved and hated the ending. I hated it because there is a death, and I loved it because it was so cleverly written. Finally, I felt sad that I had come to the end as I’d have gladly bought every book in the series had there been more.


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