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Dead On Your Feet by Stephen Puleston

Screen Shot 2017-05-25 at 11.16.37Genre: Crime/thriller/Mystery/Detective


A gruesome exhibit…

When the dead body of a woman is found on public display, the murder scene bears all the hallmarks of a famous work of art. DI Ian Drake knows he is dealing with a very creative and intelligent killer – one who enjoys having their work showcased for all to see.

A gallery of death…

As more murders take place, each copying a famous work of art, Drake faces a murderer who always seems to be one step ahead. And when one of the suspects is revealed to be his own brother, the pressure mounts…this case just got very personal.

The portrait of a killer.

The art world is small, but the murderer’s ego is too big to hide forever. Drake knows he is getting closer to unmasking the culprit, but can he stop the killer before their grand finale – and a very public murder?

What is the book about?

It is about Inspector Ian Drake investigating a murder in Llandudno, a seaside town on the North Wales Coast.  Their killer has a grudge again certain people and he makes an exhibition of their bodies as it was a work of heart. The detective and his team must find out who the killer has a grudge against as well as who he is.

Is it a series?

Yes, this is book 4

How easy is it to read?

Very easy, if you like police procedure.

Karen’s MagicReview

As you know, I am not a fan of book series, simply because I don’t have the time to concentrate on just one author and getting a balance between reading for pleasure and reading for ‘work’ is tricky at the best of times.

I am a subscriber of Stephen Puleston’s newsletter, and as with most authors, we try to give our readers something special. Puleston gave away ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) in the hope that by the time Dead on Your Feet is released, there will be some reviews.

I did hesitate before I hit the download button. I wouldn’t take it unless I was prepared to read it, and I have so many other books on my TBR list, that adding another one was not a good idea. Also, there was a deadline for the end of May when the book is being released.

They were two reasons I did, one because it is set in Wales, where I live and the other – I didn’t realise it was part of a series. When I did, it was too late, I was already hooked. Dead On Your Feet is a standalone novel. The only thing I can remember is that he did refer to a previous partner but, in such a way that it didn’t matter to the reader that you didn’t know.

The main character, Detective Inspector Ian Drake, is neatness freak, but not so much that it became annoying. I did wonder further along the book whether this issue was addressed in previous stories but certainly, in this one, it was enough to keep him interesting. He also had an ex-wife who looked after the children meaning that they came into the story at times and it was a nice side track.

The Inspector had a new sidekick, a girl who had been promoted up to Sergeant and was eager to fit into the already established team. She did, and Drake seemed to like her and this is where he compared her to his previous sergeant.

The storyline was traditional, police hunt a killer, but it was the details that set it apart. I really enjoyed it and loved that it was set in my part of the world. Drake often hit the A55, the main road through this part of Wales and one I regularly travel on. He also set it around Llandudno, a place I am less familiar with, but certainly, know the main promenade adjacent to the sea front. As the police ran down the prom to the pier, I was there because I had been there and knew exactly where it was and what it looked like. That was a thrill.

I didn’t guess the killer, but I rarely do, I sit back and let the story roll over me. The biggest kick I had was that the author comes from Trearddur Bay, which is the about 10 minutes from where I live.  As I often do, I go for a stroll and then come back to the car and read for awhile as I overlook the sea. It is more than likely that Puleston also walked the same steps and looked at the view I was seeing as he formed the story in his mind.

So would I recommend this book? You bet I would, and what’s more, I shall read the others at some point. In fact, I am reading a short novella I got from a previous newsletter, and the review will appear here shortly.

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