The Beautiful Patrick Swayze.

by Karen J Mossman

For many years I used to go Google and search for Patrick Swayze’s name and just looked at all the images and articles that came up. I loved him and enjoyed looking at him and his beautiful wife together.

In many pictures were often on horseback or dancing. They lived on this gorgeous ranch and were so handsome together. I wondered what it was like to have it all like they did and to be married to someone who looked like him. It was almost like I was getting lost in their love story. Almost like watching a film through pictures and reading a book through the text. The ideal couple who lived a charmed life.

But of course, deep down I knew it wasn’t like that. The couple would have worked hard to get where they were and it was good seeing them reaping the benefits and still be in love. So when Patrick got pancreatic cancer, I didn’t know what it was at the time and was shocked when he died so quickly. Once someone has it, there is usually no cure and they die within months.

I had no idea at the time that it would affect me. You never do, do you? My Dad started being unwell in February, and by the start of September he had passed away.  (In 2010, not recently.

Such a horrible disease. So I often wondered how Lisa, his wife, coped with such a tragedy and that her beautiful man was no longer by her side.

But we all go on, don’t we? I came across this video and she is selling their precious ranch and finally moving on. I found this on YouTube. It’s so poignant to watch, it brings the sadness of it back. But good for her, I’m glad she is making a life for herself, sharing his things with his many fans.

2 thoughts on “The Beautiful Patrick Swayze.”

  1. You are so right Karen. I know how bad pancreatic cancer is, I lost Rob, who i always looked on as the brother i never had in December 2014 after a battle of only 6-8 weeks.It was devastating and I still feel it now.the video is amazing !!


    1. Gosh, I didn’t know that and not sure I knew Rob, but yes, you’ll understand completely. The video might be sad, but it was also kind of nice too.


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