Undressed by Karina Kantas

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.43.22Genre – Short Stories, prose and poetry


UNDRESSED is a collection of short fiction, flash, poetry, and prose. The anthology contains my own memories, thoughts, and experiences. There are excerpts from published, unpublished and work in progress.

What is the Book About?

It’s collections of snippets, its prose aimed at capturing the imagination, it’s short stories and poetry, too.

It is a series?


How easy is it to read?


Karen’s Magic Review

I wasn’t quite sure what I would find with this book. Snippets of stories? Would that be satisfying enough? The short answer is yes! I enjoyed it more than I thought – not that I thought I wouldn’t like it, after all, as you know, I don’t read books that I don’t like.

The snippets were flash fiction and writing exercises produced in groups, or just things that made the author want to pick up a pen and write. Life is bits and flashes pieced together, which we absorb in our day to day life.

We listen to the news most of which are short stories that we take an interest in. Whether they are true or not, doesn’t matter, they make us stop and think. Many of the stories do just that and it doesn’t matter what length they are. Even the poetry weaves it way around your mind.

I have read many anthologies and short collections and found this one different enough to thrill me. The Secret Agent was clever and a decent read, and yet Ergot was only short, but the image gets behind your eyelids and stays! Other stories make you wonder, and I particularly liked Christmas in Greece. As this is where the author lives, I felt it had an element of truth about it. Then there were a short flash fiction pieces about an air flight, playing on the author’s imagination and fear about what might happen.

If you haven’t read any of Karina Kantas’ books, then you might be tempted by this, as cleverly, excerpts from them are also included. They could easily lure you into read more.

Undressed isn’t a long read, I read it in a couple of evenings. It’s an ideal travelling companion or book to read on the beach. You will be thrilled and entertained.

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