Crime, Thriller

The Dark Prince by Autumn Winchester

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.43.26Genre: Crime, romance, mafia


This is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Not your typical mafia type of story, nor your typical type of romance. It takes time for 2 people to be in love, but this novel will surely draw you in!


What is the book about?

It’s about the Mafia prince of the title who rescues his childhood friend from the hands of her father, who kept her as a slave and mistreated her. He is also a Mafia prince who wants to wipe out the Marcel family.  As Chase builds his empire, he falls in love with the damaged Summer determined to build her back up in both body and mind.

Is this a series?

Yes, it is book 1 out of 3.

How easy is it to read?

I found it easy, but there were issues.

Karen Magic Review

I won this at a book event and hadn’t realised it was one of a series as I don’t general read series anymore. But I was blown away by the description, which you should go over to Amazon and read. By the time I had read that, I hoped it was a standalone, with different characters within the Mafia family.

This is a strange one, I haven’t quite read a book like this before, so I shall start by telling you why this is a fantastic story.

I’ve never heard of Autumn Winchester before this, so had no idea what her writing style was like. This woman knows how to tell a compelling story. It was such a great read as it tells of poor Summer and what she went through and her prince coming to her rescue. The author writes from the point of view of Chase, the Mafia Prince and from Summer, so you get to see each perspective. He hadn’t expected to fall in love with her and for Summer, being so meek and mild, she gradually falls for him once she realises he would do her no harm.

There was also the story of other characters and they were equally as interesting. The Mafia world, the hits, the drugs, the sex and the horror were all weaved into the background. I just loved it. It was a fabulous read.

My only disappointment was that it didn’t finish satisfactorily. Perhaps that was the idea to lure the reader into Book 2. I had hoped this story line would have been rounded off with a satisfactory conclusion, but it wasn’t. I can only hope that Summer does blossom into the woman that Chase believes is in there.

And The Rest

There were major problems with this book as it had lots of errors. Things like missing words, or the wrong word – sight for site, and know for no. Words were often repeated in consecutive sentences. The formatting was off, the paragraphs had double spaces between them, and separators in the paragraphs sometimes appeared in the middle other times at the side. I found it over wordy and desperately needed a good editor to sort it out.

Also, quite randomly, towards the end of the story, in the middle of a paragraph, the author inserted another character’s point of view and titled it Valerie’s POV – not every reader would know what POV was, but it wasn’t necessary to the story. By this time, I was completely engrossed with Chase and Summer and really didn’t care what drove Valerie to do what she did, so I skipped over most that. If the author had been clever, she could easily have used this as a stand alone story to entice readers to the full book.

As I rule, I don’t give negative reviews and this is not a negative review. If I really don’t like a book – and often it can be because there are too many mistakes to distract me, or I don’t like the writing style – I will not finish it. I read this one right to the end.

I haven’t come across a book like this before. Despite all its faults, I would highly recommend it. It’s an adult story you can get lost it. It deserves to be the very best it can be because Autumn Winchester is a fantastic story teller. She knows how to weave intrigue, mystery, murder, crime and romance all into a fine story line.

When I leave my review on Amazon it will be four stars. It should be five but it doesn’t deserve to be three.

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