Song for an Eagle by Catherine M. Byrne

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Genre: Women’s Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

Failed folk singer, Beth MacLean, swore never to return to the remote community of Berridale in the north of Scotland where she grew up. Yet now, her father’s illness has drawn her back to the place where dark memories wait. In this land of mountains, the spectre of the eagle, which has plagued her dreams all her life, intensifies.

Life and new love are offered through the charismatic James, but will Beth find the courage to turn her back on her life in Edinburgh and unravel the mysteries that have shaped her nightmares?

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Karen’s Magic Review

Every now and then you come across a little gem of a book. This is one. I found it by chance as I was having a discussion in a group about book sales. The author said that she hadn’t had a sale so far this month, so out of curiosity, I nipped over to Amazon to have a look at who she was, and what she writes. I came across Song for an Eagle, and because it said print length 128 pages, and just 99p, I bought it. I really didn’t expect to find such a fantastic little book.

I absolutely urge you to read my review and give it a try, you won’t be sorry!

And the Rest

The story is set far up in the Scottish highlands and is complete with remote cottages, swirling mists, and rain. It tells of Beth who returns home to nurse her ailing father. The one she felt had abandoned her, just as her mother had done before. She has always had nightmares of eagles and doesn’t know why. As she settles in the tiny cottage she grew up in, the eagle comes back to haunt her.

Gradually, the story unfolds as the mysteries of her past reveal themselves. This book has it all, a spot of romance and a lover spurned.

I just adored the storyline and setting, and the heroines as endearing. Terrible secrets are revealed and sometimes tear families apart.


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