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Between Silence and Fire by Kristan Cannon

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-17-35-54Whats the book about?

Four years ago Derek Moss formed the Rangers of Walden to protect the last spark of civilization from those who would see it all vanish into dust.

Is it a Series?

Yes, it is the third book in the series of four.

How easy is it to read?

Fairly, but you have concentrate.


Karen’s Magic Review

The first book in the series is called After Oil and it was read and reviewed here. It sets in Canada and the oil runs out which brings about a kind of apocalyptic disaster. The second book is The Last Iron Horse, again reviewed here and it continues with the characters we were introduced to in the first book and the new Kingdom they created. 

In Between the Silence and the Fire, we pick up where the last book left off, with Queen Sheridan and her subjects in Waldren, Professor Kaine and the people at the university and the people at the dam.

And the Rest

Fires threaten as Canada goes through a hot summer and we also have a new protagonist by the name of Harnet, he was mentioned in the last book, but now we learn a lot more about him and there is a surprise in store. The action brings intrigue, adventure and even murder. The author leads very much by dialogue with characters and story and as in the other books, it draws you into this new world. I loved reading it and there are twists and turns that I itch to reveal, but of course, won’t as I don’t want you to spoil it. They took me by surprise and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it for that too.

There are a lot of characters in this book and sometimes it’s easy to become a little confused as to who is who. I didn’t realise until I reached the end that there is a summary of all the characters at the back. This was helpful as one character was called Circe and I couldn’t quite work out who that was. I loved the way the author set the story in a particular area, one she knows well and by the time you reach this book, the reader is familiar with the area too. There are some great descriptions and I love the way Sheridan’s friends and family live and relate to one another. There are good characters, including Derek, a firm favourite who went from being a salesman in his old life to Master Ranger in the new world.

If you are looking for a new series of books, then I can highly recommend these. I shall look forward to reading and reviewing Ghostwalkers the next book, and possibly the final book of this wonderful series.

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