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Ghostly Writes Valentine Anthology


Plaisted Publishing presents a poem and seven short stories with a ghostly twist.

This is the second anthology by Ghostly Writes, the first w released was released for Halloween 2016.

Being a contributor, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and read all the stories it contained. I now present them here to you.

Both books can be purchased for free at the Magic of Stories shop, just use the menu on the left.

Karen’s Book Buzz Review

I love romance, so this book really appealed to me. I wasn’t disappointed as there are some great stories by well-known Indie Authors. Romance with a twist is always my favourite and put it together with fantasy and the supernatural is a real treat. As always I want to share it and urge you get your copy. The more people that know about this free book, the more it can be shared.


A poem by Kyrena Lynch

This sets the mood nicely to start us off and is the only poem in the collection.


A love lost, but is it? Valentine’s Day is a short story by C A Keith.


The Forgotten Twin is about Maddie who works in a flower shop and every day a rose and a one worded note are left on her doorstep. Can she piece them altogether and find out the truth?

Audriana Lane wrote this intriguing tale.


My own contribution is from a new book I am creating on Wattpad called The Cassidy Newbold Stories. It will be a compilation of individual short stories featuring Cassie who is a medium and gets in a few scrapes. In this story, she meets an old lady who doesn’t realise that she shares her house with a ghost. 


Adele Marie Park brings us the story of Fiona McCloud who yearns for love and finds it in an unexpected place. The descriptions in the story are lovely and it made me yearn for the sea, and to feel the sand beneath my feet and the wind in my hair. 


I found this story by Jane Risdon really intriguing and clever. A young couple buy a beautiful big house, but what they don’t realise at first is they are being watched by the Eternal Lovers in the title who have a plan to come back and reclaim their home.


Lyn Mullican’s Raven Hill gets my vote as my favourite. I loved the way its written and almost found the story quirky at times, but with an underlying darkness. It was the last sentence that did it for me because I hadn’t expected one of the characters to say what she did.


I liked the deeper meaning behind this story, which you will have to read, rather than me tell you. Imagining Rose in her beautiful dress was kind of sad. Although I had guessed the ending, I didn’t guess all of it  –  an enjoyable read by Jennifer Deese.

Jennifer also made this lovely video to accompany the book.


Please, if you do download and read this book, can you consider leaving a review.



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