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Souls of the Reaper by Markie Madden


What is the book about?

Set in the future, this is the Undead Unit, a werewolf, a vampire and a shifter who are all police officers investigating crimes committed by the undead.

Is is a Series?

Yes, the first book is Fang and Claw, which I also read and reviewed.

 How easy is it to read?

Very easy.

 Karen’s Magic Review

This is not my normal type of read, but having read and enjoyed the first book, I wanted to read the second, especially as one of the characters is named after me. My nick name is Kazz and I often use is with the first half of my surname. So I was thrilled when the author named one of her officers Kazz Moss.

Basically, this group of police officers have their own special way of doing things. Only they can investigate the crimes committed by the undead. In this book, souls are being taken from living people by an unknown Reaper. He doesn’t kill them, he just harvests them, but to take a soul from a living being means they can’t distinguish between right and wrong. That, in turn, causes the crime rate to go up. So can our detectives piece this together? Can they find the Reaper in time?


What I liked best

There is one scene where a character, also a Reaper, traces the finely woven threads that link the soul to its owner. He leaves his own body and rises up into an ethereal world beautifully described by the author. I was fascinated as the threads similar to a spider’s web is followed to a new world.  The whole sequence had me anxiously turning the page to find out more about this mystical place.


And the rest

I really like the author’s style of writing. It reminds me of watching a film and all the events are laid out for you to enjoy, just the characters walking down the corridor and the door swinging open, makes it easy to envisage everything going on as if watching it on a screen.

I loved the relationships between the main characters, Lacey and Coulton. They were thrown uneasily together in the first book, not trusting each other. In this story, they are better, and even quite like each other.

There are some great, if uneasy storylines, and although set in the future, it could be the modern day, which makes it so much more believable.

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