Death is Never Easy

If you can spare a few minutes to read this story, it will leave you moved. The power of the written word never ceases to amaze me.


When I was younger, my step cousin and I were never close. We could see each other every year for the typical holidays and bicker with each other. My mom would keep me away from him because I was always getting beat up or made fun of. It was a constant struggle with out relationship because he may have not seen me as a cousin at the time. Maybe he saw me as another kid to bully. We were never close, but I love the guy. He may not have been my own flesh and blood, but he pushed me to the point of understanding how to protect and take care of myself.

The last time I saw him was in Tennessee, We were celebrating Independence Day at my Uncle’s farm. There were lots of laughs with family I hadn’t seen in the last six months. Even my cousin and…

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