Gems of Gratitude – A Review

The Sisterhood

gems-of-gratitudeI’m presenting this one differently to the way I usually feature books. This is the second book written by The Sisterhood. The first one was Gems of Strength which you may remember was featured a while back.

Again, this book features strong female characters written by women authors and published by Metamorph Publishing on November 14th 2016.

All the stories relate to being thankful.

The next planned book is Gems of Freedom and will again be featured on this page.

I finished reading and I thoroughly enjoyed every story in it. I have a favourite and a close second but will go through each one withouth giving away spoliers if you haven’t read it yet.

Loves Fate by Alana Madden

This is the story of Angelina who is thankful for her family and her husband. The story starts in the present day as the family prepares for Thanksgiving dinner. Angelina reflects back to the time she met her husband and how the date turned into something else. A nice heartwarming story to start us off.


Sharliss by Chrissie Moon

Sharliss is a single woman whose cousin constantly fixes her up with blind dates. And the story starts off with one, which is disastrous. I loved the humour in this and it really made me smile. Sharliss decides that she doesn’t like the way her life is going and sets about trying to correct it. Her thankfulness comes from her realisation of what is acceptable.


Intent by Christie Stratos

We are taken back in time to female warriors who battle with other tribes whilst trying to live in peace. A cleverly written story where one young warrior has to make a tough decision. Will she make the right one and will there be anything to be thankful for at the end?


Chloe’s Dream – Elizabeth Horton-Newton

This is a sad story and shows how good can come out of bad. It will pull out your heart strings as a strong woman has to face something she never thought she would have to. In the end, so many people are thankful for her decision.


A Ribbon of Rainbows by  Jennifer L Roche

We meet Sidney, who we first appeared in Gems of Strength. Her parents come to a big decision about their lives, but it also affects Sidney and more than she realises. This one also covers the period of Thanksgiving as the family talk more candidly than normal bringing things out into the open.


In Distant Time by Karen J Mossman

Julie travels back to a time to when the world was ravaged by war. She is normally the silent observer collecting information, but this time things go badly wrong. The effects are felt by everyone and the meaning of the word thankful truly hits home.



The Tears of Winter by L G Surgeson

This story had a melancholy feel about it and I enjoyed the way it was told. There was a lot it didn’t say, but the way the author wrote, it didn’t matter. Again we travel back in time to a strange land and one of war and survival. Iona has her child, but it grateful to her husband not just for the child, but maybe for her life, too. This was my favourtie story, until the next one just pipped at the post.



Unpunished by Lily Luchesi

I really loved this one, because I thought the story, which is quite a long one, was one thing when it turned out to be something else entirely. I can’t give too much away without spoiling anything, but it’s a cracker.


Jody’s Tail by Markie Madden

A lovely story beautifully written from a dog’s point of view. We meet lots of dogs and see things from their point of view. This story also touches on one that appeared in Gems of Strength.


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3 thoughts on “Gems of Gratitude – A Review”

  1. Reblogged this on Between the Beats and commented:
    I am honored to be part of The Sisterhood and to have my short story “Chloe’s Dream” accepted for this anthology. It means a lot to be included with so many amazing writers; all women, all strong, all very talented.


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